Stroppa philosophy

Streets and people have their history revealing secrets only to the chosen. Photographers are archivists of all of lifes drama and happiness. They know the moment is short. It travels with the speed of light. Shoot or lose it. It is a photographer who takes care of archives. He is firmly holding a camera smoothly gliding from steamy bar windows, open squares to photography studios. No moments will escape a scrupulous eye. He steals the noir show by shooting without breaking the spell. His camera holds untold stories and revealed secrets.

Stroppa cares deeply about those stories and wants you to feel comfortable telling them. We want you to feel unobstructed by unnecessary gear.

We have designed straps that will make the process of photographing more enjoyable and keep your camera safe at the same time.

In modern times people forget about traditions, everything is being mass- produced for the sake of profit. In Stroppa we do not want to follow this trend. We do not treat Stroppa as something subject to globalization and mass production. Our philosophy is different. Stroppa straps are handmade, following centuries-old traditions of artisans. Each piece of leather and rope is carefully transformed from raw material into a precious object that is meant to withstand the test of time. Every single Stroppa strap has a different feel. We are not trying to make something perfect but rather work with the material and incorporate it’s distinctive feel into our products.

When you order your Stroppa strap, make sure to specify the length of your strap. This way you`ll have a unique piece of gear that was tailor made only for you.

If you feel satisfied with our products we would love to see your gear on social media with hashtag #StroppaStrap