Christmas time with Stroppa

We have some good winter news

Make this winter more colorful

With the beginning of December we have officially started Christmas season. From now on we are going to celebrate this special moment, and that’s the reason why we had prepared some unique offer for our special customers. Check it out and find something for yourself!

Together with cosy winter days we decided to bring some colors to our Active rope collection. From now on you can choose from wide variety of colors – red, blue or black. Isn’t it just great news? Your rope don’t have to be black all around the year. We know that for people who pay a lot of attention to small details, it is very important to have many options. That is why now Stroppa gives you a choice. You can personalize your camera, but still stay minimalistic and functional. Our ropes are made of durable materials that allows you to enjoy photo shooting in every scenery. And thanks to new colors option you can make shooting even more warm and joyful. We choose two vivid and deep colors just to make sure you will find something for yourself.

Another great news is the come back of our popular Rudolf Set! Once again in this Christmas period we want to give you some special moments with our warm, exclusive and very red set for real enthusiasts. This year we decided to give our customers even more joy and happiness so we enlarged our set by some new elements. Now it encapsulates all the items we produce on a daily basis. Only in this limited edition of Rudolf Set you can find our three types of camera straps, battery case and key ring. All those straps are made of our new Active Red rope. We hope that you know why it is so special. Every item here, including  battery case and key ring are produced from high quality, italian leather with and exclusive, matte finish. And now the frosting on the cake – new christmas sac that`s available only in december. Its design ties up the whole composition of Rudolf Set making it a perfect idea for a christmas gift. Check it out and find more about it`s discounted price!

As you can see we are doing our best to create some new possibilities for you to be constantly satisfied as our clients. Stay tuned to hear more about Stroppa getting more and more colorful.

Take advantage of our Christmas offer quickly as Rudolf is not going to waiting for you forever!

One last word of advice. If you`re living outside of Europe and want to have your Stroppa stuff under your Xmas tree, be sure to choose Globall Express shipping. It might be to late for regular post to make it on time!

Photographer: Mateusz Grybczyński

Model: Zuza Pełka

Cover photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels