Hello in 2018!

Big year coming up

Looking into the future

It’s been a very busy year for Stroppa! Not only we have travelled around the world and participated in numerous photography festivals but, most importantly, we have met amazing people, both those who have been taking pictures for years and those ones who have just fallen in love with photography. Since Stroppa is a result of our own passion for photography, all voices are important for us. For this reason we would like to present our new blog, where we will share all news and reviews. Stroppa is a common work – that is why we would like to create a space for an open dialogue. We want to be heard and we want to hear from you.

So, let’s go back in time to 2016, when Stroppa was found. Many years of photographing urban scenes, regardless of the weather conditions, taught us that quality matters. Unfortunately, many brands still reject tradition of craft and prefer to choose a mass production in the poorest countries of the world.

For us, Stroppa is about excitement. Excitement of choosing high-quality leathers and ropes, standing out from the crowd, contacting people from all over the world.

During those two years our products were reviewed in many international websites.  Most importantly, we received many greetings and photographs with our straps from our clients. We are proud that our products are being chosen as a part of prize in various photography contests and festivals.

Stroppa is not just a brand producing photography accessories. We would like our name to be a promise of a high-quality product that will help you to put your photography on a higher level. In photography, like in our company – we do not take any shortcuts.

Stay tuned – soon we will add more information about our recent plans for this year!