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Here`s some classy camera straps!

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Quality is always in style 📷🎁
Hand made camera accessories
Most asked question about our camera straps is what is the difference between Flex and Active ropes.
Active (on the right) is a climbing rope with dense braiding. It's a bit more shiny, has a more metalic feel.
Flex (on the left) has more matte finish and in comparison is a tiny bit more pink.
Hand made camera accessories
Customise your camera strap and get a discount?
I'm all in!
Use the coupon code: Black_Friday_2020 to get - 25% on any of our custom FLAT camera straps.
Hand made camera accessories
We've got the camera straps you've been looking for 🥰📷😍
Hand made camera accessories
Two cameras are always better than one.
What is your backup camera?

Here's one from @grabara_
Hand made camera accessories
Looking for a comfortable camera strap?
And one you can customise to your needs?
Stroppa Flat is your answer.
Entirely handmade with lost of bespoke options.
Hand made camera accessories
Camera strap perfect for nature shoots🌲🌷🌻 Made for those holidays at your local lake 🐟🐞
To get your 20% discount on this strap use the code "GreenHolidays".
Discount expires on 31st of August.
Hand made camera accessories
Custom leather camera straps from the heart of Europe.
Hand made camera accessories
Hand dyed leather on this custom strap looks so classy. And yes, you can see it from a mile away 🧐😎
Model: @_liza_selezneva
Photo: @mateusz_grybczynski
Hand made camera accessories
I wonder...
What would you shoot if you could go anywhere in the world?
For me it's definetly Tokyo and it's narrow streets at night.
What about you?
Hand made camera accessories
Have you heard the story of black and blue dress? Or was it white and gold?... Ah whatever.
All we know is your favourite Duo (Black and Navy Bluel) ropes are back in stock!
Hand made camera accessories
I cannot promise this is the last one 😆
This time it's Kylo Ren mask prototype.
Stay positive, stay creative.

We're still up and running.
Currently only DHL is delivering. All orders made with other shipping methods will be sent as soon as the international shipping lockdown is lifted.

In the mean time work on your creativity at home.
Hand made camera accessories
Sorry for another crazy eyes photo :D
Vader leather mask i did for fun.

#handmade #leathercraft #starwars #cosplay
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