Immerse yourself in the urban jungle!

This time we invite you to England!

Find out how Kinga went through the city bush!

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs you can reach for creative needs only when other basic and psychological needs are fulfilled. However, life writes different scripts and does not follow any pattern. The reasons for photographing are as many as the photographers. Many people create due to anger, sadness, hesitation, despair, love, curiosity, excitement, happiness, feeling of loss etc. We are wandering in the city and melting in a crowd. City noises, lights, cars, crossroads start to surround, fulfil and guide us.

Being a photographer is comparable to living in two separate worlds – of your own feelings and an urban inferno. City, like any ecosystem, has its own habits, rituals and patterns. Even the smallest interference may break the window between us and the exterior world and change its dynamics.

Kinga reminds me the solitary walker, the flâneur who’s wandering in a city jungle just to immerse herself into life scenes on the streets similarly to a train passenger who observes changing landscapes through the window.

Stroppa is all about creativity, freedom and high quality. Kinga shows us various modes of using Flex red, Duo black and Duo navy blue, proving there are functions of Stroppa products one can’t even imagine. Do not limit yourself to a simple strap! Be flexible and creative!

Photographer: Mateusz Grybczyński
Model: Kinga
Location: Huddersfield, UK.