Stroppa Flat – Camera neck strap


This new, lightweight camera strap is very durable
Its construction makes it more flexible than any rope strap on the market.

This allows you to carry your camera comfortably, no matter if you’re carrying a pancake or a telephoto.

The main focus of the Stroppa Flat is flexibility. It’s aimed at mirrorless cameras but can easily handle a medium-format beast.



Can`t decide on the length? Visit our length guide!

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Customise your strap

First select rope


It`s soft and easy to bend but it`s almost impossible to break. Comes in a Black, Red, Blue and Camo Green colors.

Being practical and durable, it is a perfect choice for those who value functionality of accessories and have a minimalistic approach to life.


It`s dense braiding give`s it powerfull strength while the soft material has a warm and comfortable feeling.

Combining softness of the material and durability, it suits a photographer who is in a habit of impressing others. It is the best choice for a person who wishes to stand out.


This strap is a tough one. It can take any abuse you can think of.

It is a perfect choice for hardcore photographers who spend all their time in the harshest environments.

How about a unique thread color?

Can`t decide the length?

  • Default strap length is 90cm which is perfect for wearing the camera on your neck and wrapping it on your wrist.
  • If you want to wrap the rope around your wrist, try not to exceed 100cm.
  • If you want to wear it under arm/across your body, get something longer than 110cm.
  • If you want to get different length, just contact us on any of our social media profiles. We`ll work something out.
  • Our model in the pictures is 172cm tall.

Additional information

Rope Type

Active, Duo, Flex

Rope Color

Orange, Black and White, Green, Green and White, Light Blue and White, Navy Blue and White, Red and White, Yellow and White, Black, Blue, Camo Green, Forest Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow

Rope Length

70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, 130 cm, 140 cm, 150 cm

Thread Color

Copper, Dark Brown, Dark Burgund, Dark Gray, Dark Orange, Fuxia, Green, Light Gray, Malachite, Sand Brown, Turquoise, VIolet Blue, Light Blue, Light Brown, Orange, Rose Pink, Violet, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Cacao Brown, Red, Yellow, Beige, White

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